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breaking news in san francisco right now, we have a truck that has hit a pedestrian. at least one person has been injured. a body is in the road in the city's rock ridge neighborhood. we're live in san jose where a major sink hole will create a headache. we'll tell you where it is and when crews expect to have it repaired. what investigators have learned since she first disappearanced. mornings on 2 starts right now. good morning to you, welcome to morning's on 2 i'm dave clark. >> good morning, we want to get
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right to our top story. breaking news in san francisco, a very serious accident. sal we understand it involves a tractor trailer and a pedestrian. >> tractor trailer in san francisco is trying to make a turn here on octavia and hayes. we wanted to show you some pictures that chopper 2 just took of the scene. somehow a pedestrian ended up under the wheel of a struck. they're -- wheel of the truck. we do have a crew on the way but what these pictures we can show you are of the scene right now. stay away from octavia between hayes and oak. at 7:01, let's go back to the desk. in oakland, a body was found in the city's rock ridge
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neighborhood. police are on the scene. kraig debro joins us now to tell us streets in the area are closed now. >> reporter: behind me you see a group of officers including homicide detectives. to the right and on the ground is the body with a tarp covering it. police tell us they got a call to get here at 2:49 this morning. one officer i spoke to said the body was still alit when he got there. the body was on fire when he got here. no telling how the body got here or where it came from. i did talk to lieutenant, an active lieu lieutenant, he told me that he believeed the body was dumped here. the person was killed some where else and the body dumped here. he wanted to at least let me know that so people in the neighborhood wouldn't know there was anybody in the
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neighborhood going around targeting people. just to give you an idea where this is. the other side of ivan miles. you pass broadway and the college avenue exit is the exit you would take to get here. but ivan shut right now until they finish their investigation. lieutenants say they're going to be here for a while until they investigate what happened here. 7:02, redwood city police are out there searching for two boys who allegedly walked into a school yesterday with a gun. it happened at secoia high school. someone reported seeing one of the boys taking a gun out of a backpack to show it to the other boy. police searched that campus to search for those two boys. still not clear if they attend that school. and he is credited for two
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notorious bicycle gangs. reports are he died on monday. harrigan spent 20 years as an undercover agent as a under cover officer. sacramento police are looking for two suspects in a home invasion where four young children scared off the intruder. the mother had gone to the pharmacy for a couple of minutes when the mother went to the pharmacy. while she was at the pharmacy, two men came knocking at the door. they stayed quiet like their mother instructed, but that did not stop the robber. the younger daughter says she punched a man on the face. one man then pulled out a gun
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and the kids ran next door. the suspects also ran, and the mother arrived back home along with police. fortunately no one was hurt. new time now 704. a sonoma county is out there searching for a 16-year-old girl who disappeared last weekend. they say kasandra pokaski did not return from camp. it was later learned that she spent the night with her 16- year-old boyfriend. but the two have disappeared. 7:05 right now, federal reserve chairman bern bernanke is beginning a second day of testimony. there's a live picture of
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testimony. yesterday bernanke said allowing the united states to default on it debt would send shock waves through the entire season. tomorrow, the president and lawmakers will meet again. we will have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom to learn why yesterday's meeting was the most tense yet. time now 7:05, happening as we speak, a big sink hole on highway 87 in san jose. that's right along the southbound side of the highway near west virginia street. work crews are out there and so is ktvu tara moyarti but what's the very latest? >> workers workers will not continue work until engineers arrive. we had to move because it was simply too dangerous.
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you can see where they've blocked out one southbound lane of 87 on the left and then one lane of alma avenue on the right. the sink hole is about 30 feet wide. there's a big gap underneath the median. now caltrans discovered the problem tuesday. they came out. they poured some gravel. sort of a band aid fix. and last night they compressed the gravel and found it sank. you can see where the concrete is exposed now. there's a huge crack running up and down on that roadway. they shutdown some lanes on the freeway. we are close to west virginia street. just to give you an idea where we are on 87. crews are expected to be out here all morning repairing the sink hole. damage is pretty extensive. the highway seems to be moving
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up. right now let's check in with sal castaneda so we can find out some alternative routes. i understand a lot of people are using monterey instead. >> that's true, a lot of people are going around the area. a lot of people are just getting or avoiding 820, i'm sorry they're avoiding the, let's go to the map here. they're avoiding 87 and going down to monterey road and using that instead. a little bit slow past the scene. as we were talking, a new map just popped up. a new accident. completely unrelated but if you drive this commute you might drive by there as well. a couple of different spots in the same general area in san jose. i want to move up the map to another big problem we have in antioch. a motorcycle crash has blocked several freeway lanes, westbound 4, they are cleaning it up now. but there were very serious injuried and slower traffic
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than usual and slow traffic at bay point. let's go to other picture, we have that big problem in san francisco. news chopper 2 is righthere where a pedestrian underbeneath the wheels of a big rig -- underneath the wheels of a big rig. it's reported that the pedestrian was in very bad shape and could possibly not survive this crash here at the corner of octavia near oak street. the street is closed, police is on the scene. looks like this accident, this crash is going to be closing octavia for quite some time. news chopper 2. i'm going to get them on the two way, not sure you'll be able to hear them. can you tilt up for a second, i just want to see if you tilt up what this area looks like. there you go. there's highway 101 and you can see how 101 coming in the
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central freeway is already jam packed. it's a long line of traffic. you don't want to be on 101 getting up to the octavia street exit. it's backed up almost to the 80 split. don't get on 101, if you want to get to that area take another way. let's go to the toll way plaza. pretty crowded going into san francisco. pretty busy morning. >> at least we have a few sun breaks. yet was low clouds, today we still have plenty of low clouds but some areas are already starting to see a few holes in that fog bank. but with that fog you get cool conditions. we're in the 40s for many. in fact, we had 45 at sebasta pool. pen grove 47, mill valley48. nevada 40 degrees. i did that all from memory.
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i did. i did. i had to look over there on that monitor. if you're having problems you can let me know. satellite picture does show that we have fog out there. there we go. that fog will burn off sooner today though. there's 50 at napa and 50 at santa rosa. last hour they were 49. so cool numbers if you stepped outside. and adding a little chill. the cloud cover keeping everything in the mid-50s. west southwest or our westerly breeze.. we have no problem with that sea breeze. everything is rotating around a low. that's what's keeping california cool. record temperatures down in palm springs. records may not even break 90s today. temperatures are a good 10, 15
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degrees. walnut creek 73. one 80, morgan hill. 50s and 60s along much of the coast and also the city and south san francisco. really just subtle changes, slightly warmer toward most of the weekend. 7:11, fourteen four teenagers now recovering after they were in tennessee valley beach. the coast guard, chp, federal park rangers, life guards all rushed to their help. however some good samaritans got to them first. they immediately came to the rescue after spotting a huge wave knocked two boys and a girl into the waters. >> we got down there and the two girls were floating around. we were able to save one of them but the other floated to
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the other side. >> it's not a beach we ever recommend people to swim in. the waves are unpredictable. and it's very cold. >> all of the teenagers were eventually lifted to safety. however one of the young ladies is still in the hospital with serious injuries. it is 7:12, protecting a crucial computer system. today they will sit down to talk about protecting the computer systems. and that goes beyond fire walls. are you part of one of the faux pas on facebook? we'll tell you what they are.
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good morning we do have some sun breaks and drizzle has not been a factor today compared to yesterday when it was light rain and drizzle.
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so it'll be sunny in the city and low clouds will burn off sooner. so highs of 60s and 70s. temperatures continue to be below average. bay temperatures are running 15 to 20 degrees below normal from there time of year. >> 7:15, this morning we're following two new developments in the bryan stow case. first his family has posted a new message on its website saying the critically injured giant's fan is showing new signs of improvement.they say he's now opening his mouth on his own when it's time to check his temperature. and he's even enjoying tv shows in his hospital room. also if suspect of giovanni rodriguez is now behind bars in las vegas. she is the suspected get away driver in the dodgers attack. a mendecino woman accused of killing her husband and son
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has been found fit to stand trial. he was saved by neighbors, the district attorneys office says mcgincy has been offered a plea deal but she has not responded to it. mcginty faces 30 years many prison if convicted. the suspect levi aaron can be seen police car. officers found human remains in his refrigerator and home. time now 7:17, congressional leaders go back to talks today with president obama about raising the debt limit.
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>> reporter: the u.s. senate came into session. we heard from senate leaders. mcconnelll says the gop will stand firm against president obama's request that budget includes tax increases. there's no mention of the big blow up after yesterday's meeting between eric canter. the president refused to concede to canter's call for a short term deal that has big budget cuts and no tax increases. according to canter and white house aids, he says, don't call my bluff. i'm going to the american people with this. this may bring my presidency down but i will not yield on this. nancy pelosi will also address the conference, i will bring that to you in my next report. also china is raising concerns about the lack of progress in those negotiations
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on raising the national debt limit. and moody's investor service warns that the united states will lose it's biggest investors soon if they does he want raise the debt limit. ktvu's washington, d.c. bureau is scheduled to sit down for a one on one interview with president obama today. you can see that exclusive interview with the president this afternoon on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. it is 7:19. the pentagon is laying out its plan for protecting its computer system against a cyber attack. today the defense department is set to release a cyber security strategy. it formally declares cyber space a new domain for warfare. much like air, land and sea. the pentagon wants to make its computer networks for resill resilient, so they can better
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detect, and stop attacks. ? one through list of social networking nonos, texting or the list of short writing for messages. friending of people you never met and never want to, and last those quizzes that beg you to fine out what your so called friends think of you. time now 7:20, with justin timberlake, now he has a date request of his own after he encouraged cunis to accept a date with a u.s. marine telling her to do it for your country. justin, you want to call my
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girl nelan. >> corporal desantis the only marine. she's an instructor with black belt. sometimes does some cage fighting. her friend set up a facebook page called let's get justin timberlake to the marine ball with kelsie. and we're now hearing, cunis broke her promise. apparently she has other commitments. she'll be filming two movies in november when the marine corp. ball will take place. >> hard to fit all those things in your schedule. an emotional reunion, why this mother adopted her children even though she gave birth to them more than 40 years ago. plus, it is sure to be a magical event, get ready how some harry potter fans in san jose will celebrate the final movie tonight. good morning, northbound 280, some very slow traffic because of a problem in san
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jose, near the lawrence expressway. also other big problems, we'll be back with the full report.
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it is 7:23, an emotional reunion for a los angeles county family who was ripped apart decades ago. >> i just want to scream with joy. >> go ahead and scream. a mother legally adopted her own bilogical children yesterday nearly 40 years after they were kidnapped. the woman says her children were taken by a baby sitter and that she had been searching for them ever since. but it wasn't until a few months ago that she recognized them on a national news program. >> i've been looking so long and then here i am face to face with my children. and it's too bad it couldn't have happened sooner. >> reporter: the woman who took the children died years ago. before she died she refused to
7:25 am
reveal any details about the children's parents and why she took them the anticipation is building for the last harry potter movie tonight. now in san jose, the tech museum will host a movie premier party tonight for fans. you harry potter fans are encouraged to show up dressed up as your favorite character. as many as 400 people are expected at tonight's event. a red carpet will be rolled out for the sold out party. beginning at 10:00 tonight. the premier of the movie begins at midnight. now to handle all the fans that could not get tickets to the first show an additional screening was added at 2:30 a.m. now we have harry potter slide shows and a lot of fun facts on our channel 2 website. just go to click on the harry potter tab, it's right there on the front page. >> i have not heard a single bad review. 7:25, let's check in with
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sal. the commute not so terrific. quite a few problems out there. >> we have a problem at the corner of octavia and oak. a big rig hit at least one pedestrian. we're hearing it could be more: just from watching news chopper 2. we were first and we saw the one fatality. we saw another person being taken away to general in an ambulance. so at least two people have been hurt in this crash. the big rig coming down on oak street apparently lost control and hit a pe pedestrian in the crosswalk there. oak street is the street with the big hill coming down to the bottom of the hill here. the truck apparently either lost its breaks or something here that it hit the pedestrian. now if you look up, 101 is really slow. octavia is really slow.
7:27 am
we don't recommend taking that. that's a news from chopper two. 2. let's go to the 101 camera, very slow. 101 is being affected by this crash. let's go to highway 4 still clearing an accident. westbound4 near the bay. we had an accident on 280 at the large expressway. we have the 87 sink hole. 85. people trying to get around 87. 85 is slow from cupertino. we have some breaks in the clouds today. it maxed itself out when it got to the sacramento valley. santa rosa says sunny but they had cool numbers this morning, a lot of upper 40s under those clear skies. we still have to deal with below average temperatures. right now everyone is in between 50 to 57 degrees and
7:28 am
there's not a lot of a change here. we still get the westerly breeze and southwesterly breeze. thunderstorms popped up in the northern sacramento valley, shasta north. that's going to keep us cool. temperatures 50s, 60s. temperatures near 70 for santa cruz. i don't really see much change through at least saturday and sunday. >> all right, steve. time now 7:28. a bay area homicide case takes a bizarre turn. how a tattoo, this one here could prove to be crucial evidence. we have a news crew headed to the scene of that serious accident in san francisco hayes valley area. we'll have a live update momentarily. and a discovery of a
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homemade bomb. it's tied to a bus stop. the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes,
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pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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we have developing news here in san francisco. this fatal big rig accident that occurred about 45 minutes ago. in san francisco, near the corner of octavia boulevard and oak street. a big rig hit a pedestrian and there's an investigation going on. the coroner is on the scene.
7:32 am
at least one other person we saw was put into an ambulance and taken away. so we know of two people that have been injured at least. the big rig is still there at the corner and octavia boulevard and oak street. a good area to avoid, the whole hayes area. in oakland in the rock ridge neighborhood. police are doing an investigation of a body found, this is closed. shebough road which is a fairy busy area especially for the locals. it's not a major street, but cherbough gets good traffic. it parallels highway 24. right now it's closed as you can see. the police are on the scene. ktvu's kraig debro is gathering more details. we'll have a live report coming up here shortly. so two areas to avoid this morning. it's 73:00 2-rbgs let's 7:32, let's go back to the desk.
7:33 am
two shootings appear to be related. officers were called to parol street where they found two people on the street. minutes later they were called to 13th street and there were two victims there. all victims are expected to survive. police collected evidence that shows the shootings are connected but so far there are no arrests. in oakland this morning, police are looking for three gunmen who held up a mini mart. the store clerk says the three men got away with $600 and two cartons of cigarettes. no one was hurt. time now 7:33. a very unique tattoo has become critical in an investigation. esquivel has a tattoo that
7:34 am
says, no warning shots. esquivel got the tattoo two weeks after the fatal shooting. however esquivel denies the tattoo has any connections to the crime. 7:23, an investigation is under way into a dangerous device heard at a bus stop in marin county. they say it filled like rocks and that it looked like it was intended to cause harm. there have been reports of similar bombs in marin, county in the last few months including some in nevado. the pipe bombs are made of drink containers and household items. >> if you see something, say something. it's very important and 911 is always right there. >> anyone who spots them should not pick up these bottles.
7:35 am
but instead should call police. time now 7:34. uc students are bracing for yet another round of price hikes. they are expected to approve a 9.6% increase. that's in addition to a previously approved 8% increase set to take effect this fall. now with the start of classes just five weeks away, a lot of students have no time at all to come up with extra money. and i'm going to have to come out of pocket with a lot more of the tuition so that is a concern. but i am just hoping for the best right now. tell today, uc regents are also expected to approve a pay raise for the ceo of ucsf medical center because the center exceeded profits. now uc spokeswoman says while the timing is unfortunate, they are just trying to hold on to the best people. a man from oakland who sent a threatening e-mail to a u.s. senator has agreed to a plea deal. 35-year-old gustave carlsonburg confessed to threatening to
7:36 am
shoot that senator if he didn't the eliminate endangered species act for wolves. we don't know if he sent that letter to boxer or feinstein. a judge sentenced burg to jail. and 57-year-old james dixon pled guilty to felony charges of illegally trading protected wildlife. he sounds mounds of a polar and grizzly bears. dixon must turn himself in and start serving his sentence on
7:37 am
august 9. a 22-year-old baseball player was bunched in the face and died. but he says it was part -- time is now 7:36, a hanger project may lose $30 million in federal funding. a house committee removed hanger 1 after a nasa inspector general the report there criticized spending that money. miles believed both houses of congress will agree with that committee decision. the moffitt council will meet tonight to discuss their next step. including a letter to congress. the grand jury decided to investigation the city services division after receiving
7:38 am
numerous complaints about excessive fees and liens and abusive treatment. quote the grand jury is appalled by the actions of the city of oakland's business services divisions and its impact on property owners in oakland. oakland mayor jean quan is promising an overhall of the division. san anselmo is headed for an increase of garbage pick up. part of the rate increase includes the restart of a weekly green waste pick up. marin sanitary says the company has been losing $50,000 a month because it limited a rate increase to just 18% last year. time now 7:38, even though nasa's space shuttle era is coming to an end, nasa is
7:39 am
still looking for astronauts to hire. in additional to flying into space, about half of all astronaut training takes place now in russia. the capsules which will be carrying the astronauts until at least 2015. right now there are 61 active astronauts in nasa. that's the same number that was in place before the first flight of the space shuttle 30 years ago. just in the last hour we talked live to the space shuttle atlantis crew. it is 7:39. a local music and schools group is looking for volunteer classroom teachers. music forminors wants people to sign up for classes.
7:40 am
training will start in mid- september. music for minors provides music for 12 districts. b.a.r.t. says it'll be tough on protests in the future. >> b.a.r.t. says there will be zero tolerance for protesters who want to shut down service. b.a.r.t.'s police chief says hill threatened his officers with at least two knives and a broken bottle. our time is 7:40. let's go back to sal. in has been a tough tough mortgage out there sal. >> we have a lot going on in every part of the bay. we're going to start in san francisco where this morning we had a fatal truck crash at the corner of octavia and oak. our news chopper 2 looking at
7:41 am
the scene. we also had the traffic in the area become a complete just delay. i was going to use nightmare. but you can use your own words. oak and octavia. as he pulls back you can see just how bad the traffic is. this is a look at octavia boulevard heading toward highway 101. news chopper 2 doing a good job showing the entire look. do not use the 101 freeway. all right, let's go and take a look at other parts of the bay because contra costa county is having another one of those mornings. we had a crash on highway 4.
7:42 am
that's being cleared. we also have solano county a crash. then 80 westbound pinol and richmond slow traffic. live picture of highway 87. you can see that one lane is closed there. you can also see ktvu news crew, that white van there is showing us doing some reporting there from the scene. 87 large sink hole is going to be there for most of the morning. this is not a traffic problem right now because that's the noncommute direction. it's going to be closed for several hours, and it could become a traffic issue. in fact, people are avoiding 87 this morning using 85 and monterey road and there's a traffic jam on other freeways. people heard about this and there's traffic jams everywhere else. you can see there's 280 here as joe, the camera operator is moving. he's moving to show us that people are avoiding 87. then the traffic is basically going to other highways. 7:42. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you sir. the fog bank not as big as yesterday as it went way out
7:43 am
there. everybody is cloudy. today there are some breaks in the clouds. yesterday it maxed itself out and i was thinking it was going to burn itself off sooner. low over cast, sunny, breezy once that burns off. not much change as we head into the early part of the weekend. while all the heat is there, we stay below average on temps. santa rosa 85 today. we're going 76 that's downtown. san jose 83, today we'll go 74. livermore 88 normally, today 74. and by the way fresno's forecasted high is 87. if that comes to fruition it would be the coolest high temperature ever for the day and even down to the desert. palm springs is setting record low maximum temperatures. it's not just us, it's from the
7:44 am
oregon border to california. kenwood is 46, pengo 47. mill valley 48. some low clouds there kind of pulled off the sonoma coast. there's plenty to go around and burn off. mid-50s if you have the cloud cover. there are a few more breaks in it. the visible satellite just beginning to come in. a west wind, 17 at sfo, a west southwest out of fairfield. there in lies a cool forecast. because of that low right there. which triggered some thunderstorms near shasta. continues to give us a really cool and well below pattern. 50s to upper 70s or near 80less. i want 180 morgan hill.
7:45 am
everyone else 60s and 70s. novato 73, oakland 85, oakland, oakly 79. cupertino73. 73 palo alto. 50s, 60s on the coast. all those that fog retreats making for a nice commute. thank you, steve. it is 7:44. the number of foreclosures is down but it's not necessarily a good thing for the economy. also some big changes are coming to the san jose manetta airport and who is going to pick up the tab. jet blue's creative solution for residents to avoid this weekend's carmageddon.
7:46 am
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taking a look at the big board. the bank's forecast quarter came in as it blew off more bad mornings and loans. this is offsetting the concern after moody's threatened to downgrade the united states credit if the debt limit is not raised. also helping the markets, the labor department reports fewer people applied for health care unemployment last week. 405,000 newly unemployed requested jobless insurance. that is the lowest level in three months. more than 11,000 of those were state workers in minnesota
7:49 am
where the government shutdown. without those claims the number would have dropped below the 100,000 threshold. the number of homes facing foreclosure is down 30% from this time last year. but it is not a sign of good economic news. it is simply because most banks are taking more time to take back homes. the reasons they are still working through foreclosure documentation problems that surfaced last fall. experts say that could delay recovery and the housing marketing until 2016. 7:49, an update now on developing news in san francisco. there's a big back up right now following a deadly crash at octavia and oak. at least two people were hit by a big rig. jade joins us now from the scene. >> reporter: we were stuck in part of that back up. we were about two blocks back in traffic that is at a
7:50 am
standstill. we're live at octavia and oak. yellow crime tape has been pulled. this is a fatality accident. the tractor trailer involved is right there. it's a trailer carrying cars. we understand that there has been a death. the medical examiner is on scene. we also understand, i want you to take a look at chopper 2 video. we are seeing two people being loaded into an ambulance. we don't know the extent and specific details of this accident. we can tell you it happened at 6:45. it backed up traffic when police blocked off the area on oak. i can tell you right now that sergeant troy dangerfield is on scene. he is updating the media about what happened in this fatality accident early this morning. as soon as we get ahold of him we are going to give you more details. we can tell you now, as you can see this entire area has been shut down. we've been told that it's going to look like this for quite
7:51 am
some time. in case you're in this area or you need to be in this area, you're going to be some sort of alternative routes because right now this is a crime scene investigation. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. jade, thank you. time is now 7:50. maneta san jose airport is getting federal money to make some improvements. it'll go toward extending the taxi way. that whole project should cost $51 million. should be completed in 2018. jet blue air way sold out of its solutions trying to help drivers on what is being called carmagedon. jet blue has offered four dollar flights between long
7:52 am
beach while highway 1 was being shutdown. 7:51 happened live last hour. ktvu news got a chance to come directly involved in nasa's final space shuttle mission. we spoke live to the astronauts on board atlantis. pam cook got to speak to them and brings us a little more information. >> reporter: it's kind of like your first car, that's what the shuttle astronauts told us this morning. you love it, you hate to get rid of it but it is time for a new vehicle as they say. to get astronauts into space. now this is of course the last shuttle mission so it is particularly special for this crew and special for us here at kt vu to get to talk to them live this morning from the space station with what they think is the most significant contribution of the space program. >> we're talking to you from
7:53 am
one of the crowns of the space shuttle program. >> now so far above the earth you can't just call for help when something goes wrong. the astronauts tell us that's what makes space travel to interesting. one day you're walking in space outside the space station doing the most sophisticated intricate work manageable. the next day you're packing food and fixing toilets. we asked if there'll be a neil armstrong moment when the shuttle lands. >> it's funny you should mention that. because we launched on time on july 8, our original landing was supposed to be july 20th which is is anniversary of neil armstrong's landing on the moon. as it was we've extended one day. we'll be landing on july 21st. a significant day nonetheless. e took some thought on how we're going to reflect on the moment and perhaps we will just save that till the wheels stop calling. we will let you know then. >> again the shuttle atlantis
7:54 am
is scheduled to touch back down in florida for the last time on july 21st. we want to point out the guy there holding the microphone, wearing the cal show rex wilhime grew up in san carlos. so kind of fun to get to talk to him this morning too. we heard it directly from the space shuttle mission, this is not nasa's last trip to space. they just need another vehicle, they want to go back to the moon and even mars. 7:54, right now senate democrats are holding a press conference on the impasse in the debt ceiling negotiations. that at the microphone is is schummer. >> that takes $50 billion off the table. get the idea? we have to make sure american seniors continue to get health
7:55 am
care. so we're going to need to pay for medicare and medicaid. there goes another 50 billion. so now we have $72 billion left. we have to pay our troop, the keep our promise to american veterans and -- >> so you're getting a little bit of an example here of what some of the democrats are saying is the issue with trying to find a solution to this debt ceiling and budget crisis. president obama is asking that leaders come to an agreement by week's end. our time is 7:55. it's being called a new low. how the state of california continues to push smokers to kick the habit. and the nominees are, who
7:56 am
leads the pack at this year's emmy nominations.
7:57 am
7:58 am
welcome back, time is now 7:57,the nominees were announced just minutes ago for this year's emmy awards. >> the nominees are boardwalk empire. dexter, friday night lights, game of thrones, the good wife, and madmen. >> you're looking at actors joshua jackson and melissa mccartny. they made the announcement. mildred pierce leads the pack. it picked up 21 nominations. the 1960s american drama madmen got 19 nominations. modern family the most nominated sitcom with 17 of them. some other mentions include
7:59 am
boardwalk empire, saturday night live, and glee, american idol and so you think you can dance those shows which aired right here on ktvu channel 2. the prime time shows will be shown september 18 at the nokia in los angeles. not as many people are lighting up in california. new state figures show the smoking rate has reach an all time low. last year 11.9% of adults in california smoked. that's down from 13.1% in 2009. and the rate is down dramatically from 1988 when cigarettes were first taxed in california back then the rate was 25.6% for men and 20% for women. >> wow. let's quickly go to sal. get the latest on the roads, sal. >> reporter: we're looking at just a bunch of different things. i want to show you that interstate 280 is going to be slow this morning. people avoiding 87 are going to
8:00 am
other freeways. there's also been a crash on 280. this morning quickly we're looking at the toll plaza that is cleared out. let's go see. >> sal thank you, we have a lot of low clouds. we just heard from cristina who say, she's cold. mostly clear in the north bay. there'll be a sooner burn off but it's going to be cooler for a while. 50s, 60s, 70s. record low maximum temperatures are possible. bakersfield, fresno and palm springs. talk about cool, that's really cool for the entire state. and redding had record rainfall. usually in july i'm not doing much. >> thank you, steve. 8:00 the search for an 8:00 driver responsible for a horrible crash. the victim is a young woman walking across an east bay section. >> a crime in an affluent oakland neighborhood that has
8:01 am
police and a coroner outside right now. a sink hole may tie up the morning commute. we'll tell you exactly where it is and how you can avoid it when mornings at 2 returns.
8:02 am
8:03 am
good morning. welcome back to mornings on two i'm tori campbell. >> and i've dave clark. it's thursday,8:02. kraig debro is live. >> reporter: you can see the coroner just arrived here on the scene about 10 to 15 minutes ago. homicide investigators are leer as well as a couple of officers back there. police got the call call this morning that there was something in the middle of the street burning. what they discovered was it was a body in the middle of street burning. i spoke to the investigator, he gave me a little information. he tells me they think the body is of a woman. no i.d.
8:04 am
yesterday. they got ivanhoe blocked off between mile and sharbough. for a very rare crime. police do believe that the body was probably the -- the person was probably killed elsewhere and dumped here. that's what an active lieutenant told me this morning. they don't believe it happened in this neighborhood or happened to anybody in this neighborhood. the police wanted us to know that so we could get the word out to the residents in the neighborhood. it is 8:04. emery police are asking for help to finding a man who hit and seriously hurt a woman. this is the dark colored suv that likely hit the 22-year-old victim. it happened in san pablo on tuesday around 2:30 a.m. the victim was in the crosswalk and was dragged at least 30 feet. she remains in the hospital in
8:05 am
intensive care. a menlo park woman who was shot in east palo alto has died. show was shot while sitting in a car with two other people on annapolis street. fisher was taken to the hospital where she later died. the other two people in the car were not hurt. police are still looking for suspects in trying to find a possible motive. 8:04, the government of chile has increased the reward morning for a crime that happened right here in the bay area. this was adolpho bravo, a chilean man who recently moved to the bay area to be with his girlfriend. the chilean government contributed $3,000 to the reward money which has now reached $20,000. it may be a couple of days before we know the name of the person who's body was found in the water near a san jose golf
8:06 am
course. a fisherman found the body in coyote creek yesterday afternoon. police say the body was found in the wooded tree lined area right next to a public trail. the coroner's office is investigating, checking the fingerprints, they will conduct an autopsy. 8:05 firefighters say a chimney caught on fire above the winery's restaurant. about 75 people were evacuated but no one was injured. the restaurant is just below a hall that holds props and memorabilia from copola's films. redwood city police are looking for two boys that allegedly walked into a school building with guns. police called and reported seeing one of the boys pull a gun from a backpack to show the
8:07 am
other boy -- witnesses called and reported seeing. daniel horrigan died suddenly on monday at the age of 58. he complained of being dizzy then passed out. horrigan spent almost 20 years as a under cover member of the police department. the mother had gone to the pharmacy for a couple of minutes, four kids were left home. now two suspects knocked on the door. the children remained quiet as told by their mother. but the intruders still went inside.
8:08 am
the children yelled at the suspects to get out. the older daughter says she punched a man on the face. another child was quickly dialing 911. another man pulled a gun, the children ran next door. the suspects also ran off and then the mother came back home along with the police. luckily no one was hurt. time is now 8:07. president obama and congressional leaders meeting again today for the fifth time trying to work out a deal on raising the national debt limit. coming up for you at 8:15, we'll have a report on why yesterday's meeting was the most tense meeting so far. 8:08 happening now in san jose a big sink hole has onlied up on highway 7. -- has opened up on highway 7. tara moyarti joins us now on how traffic looks. >> reporter: traffic is actually looking pretty good on 87 southbound. we were expecting delays but so
8:09 am
far so good. more good news, a caltrans inspector has just arrived. they've been taking photographs of the sink hole and inspecting it. trying to fix it. it's created a large gap underneath the median. the problem has shutdown alma northbound. investigators discovered the problem tuesday, they came out, they fixed it. and the problem arose last night. close to west virginia street and crews are expected to be out here all morning so they might want to avoid the area. look what's going on, so you might see some back up here. now as to what caused this sink hole, the vibration and traffic and heavy loads like large trucks and equipment constantly
8:10 am
using the record are usually factors. right now we're going to check in with sal kas castaneda. he's can give you alternate routes. >> some of the drivers instead of using 87 have used other roads and those roads are more crowded. they've just given up on 87 essentially. and they've seen a lot of slow traffic on 280 this morning. people now just getting off on 87. people using monterey road. let's go out and take a look at the big problem we have though in san francisco. and that's the most serious crash we've had. a fatal collision in san francisco at the corner of octavia boulevard and oak street. this is going to be closed for the investigation. we have more information, at least three people have been injured in addition to the one fatality. jade hernandez is on the scene and is gathering more details but it's a good area to stay away from. let's go out and look at the 280 freeway. you can see that 280 is slow.
8:11 am
we were talking about the sink hole problem. they've been using 85 and monterey road and some of the service roads to get around 87. and if you are driving on 80 westbound, slow traffic now. richmond want to move the maps over to highway 4. it's getting a little bit better now. in antioch and also a little better in walnut creek. >> we have a lot of low clouds around. i know it's gloomy, gray, it can be cold. there are some cloud breaks where sun is coming through so it's not as cloudy as it was yesterday. we have mid-40s, sebasta pool is in there, valley ford, couple others. 44degrees that's pretty chilly. with the low clouds a lot of 50s. most of this will start to burn off a little sooner here. still low clouds. they are very stubborn to get back toward the coast for some. 58 to 80. but a lot of 60s and 70s.
8:12 am
i'm going on the extremes here. santa rosa will be 85. only 74 in livermore. should be closer to 88. today 74 degrees, there's still plenty of fog back to deal with. you see it's there. it's not solid on the coast but 85 to 90%. if it's not you can probably see it. 50s for many here. mid- to upper, fairfield 58. san francisco 53. livermore only 57. big strong low moved in. we had our two in june remember. remember. yeah. this one put on the air breaks, pun intended into the pacific northwest. that just drives cool air all the way down to the desert of southern california. what's interesting is that bakersfield may not break a record today. their record is from 1820 so
8:13 am
that's how cool this cold pattern is. sonoma 85. same for pittsburgh. martinez 70. hayward 63. danville 74, got a twitt from my friend mike delphino said fog is still here at noon. that's rare for july. san jose 74. mountain view, los altos. san carlos, slightly warmer but not much. milbrea all in there. expect the fog does burn off and temperatures get close to 70 in santa cruz and capitola. not much change through friday. slightly warmer sunday and monday. this morning's deadly bombing at a memorial for the relative of a powerful world
8:14 am
leader. also the casey anthony murder trial in florida has prompted action in southern california. and also a home invasion that involved a husband, a wife and house guest.
8:15 am
8:16 am
good morning, a few breaks in the clouds. it's cool, cold, with the sea breeze it's still a little
8:17 am
cool. 8:16. a suicide bomber killed at least five people today it happened at the memorial service for the half brother of carzite. now carzite was not there. he was at the funeral service yesterday. also india is on high alert this morning following a triple bombing in mumbai that killed 17 people. take a look at visit you from just one of the scenes this morning. you can see people going through the debris there. india's home affairs minister says it appears the bombs were made out of ammonia nitrate and were rigged with timers. they also say no prior information indicated that an attack was imminent. >> the fact that the two blasts took place within minutes of each other separated by about
8:18 am
eight to 10 minutes, shows that it was a coordinated terror attack. >> reporter: so far at this point no terrorists group has claimed responsible for the attack. time is now 8:17, sarah palin may announce if she's running for president as early as next month. during an interview last night, sarah palin says she has the common sense and the proprivate- sector experience that would be good for this country. palin also says she thinks she could beat president obama. palin would be joining a list of republican presidential candidates that include mitt romney and michelle bachmann. charges will not be filed against the menlo park priest in connection to an incident involving a teenage boy. father my ers is accused of following a teenage boy into a dressing room and sparking up a conversation. the decision not to file
8:19 am
charges was made for a number of reasons. myers was put on leave following the incident. prosecutors say an argument over house guests is behind a disturbing guest in southern california where a woman is accused of mutilating her husband. 48-year-old katherine becker hit her face during her first court a -- hid her face during her first court apierce current appearance yesterday. becker drugged her husband, tied him to the beat and cut off his gentiles. >> becker returns to court next friday. she is being held without bail. her husband is listed in good condition. time now is 8:19. the casey anthony trial in florida, we'll it's prompting new legislation right here in california. caylee' law would make it a
8:20 am
felony not to report the disappearance of a child within 24 hours. it would also make it a crime not to report the death of a child within two hours. caylee's mother was acquitted of murder last week in the death of her daughter. casey anthony did not report her daughter until a month. a police memo classifies this man as an undesirable police informant. back in 2008, the man claimed he had a sex tape of shaquille o'neil. he says after he made those
8:21 am
claims, several gang members, beat him. a man wrestles a shark and it's all caught on tape. why he wanted to get ahold of it in the first place. good morning if you're driving on interstate 280 it's going to be pretty slow this morning as you get up to the interchange. i'll tell you why that may be happening today.
8:22 am
8:23 am
it is 8:23, president obama
8:24 am
and congressional leaders are meeting for a fifth day in a row today. still far apart on a plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling. president obama became frustrated for lawmakers that were pushing a short term solution. the president walked out of the meeting warning republicans not to call his bluff. meantime the proposal from mitch mcconnell is starting to gain some momentum. this plan would give president obama bigger power to push through the debt ceiling. its winning praise from john mccain of arizona and harry reed of alabama. the president is quoted as commending mcconnell for putting forward this proposal. and the washington bureau is expected to sit down for a
8:25 am
one on one interview with the president today. you can see that exclusive visit you with president obama this afternoon on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. following the release of a new crime report, the report found the first block of turk street is a crime hot spot. the tenderloin housing clinic says that single block has 100 times more crime than any where else in the city. time is now 8:25, a close call for two santa barbara county fishermen who catch and release sharks from a kayak and they do it for fun. one of those men caught one and wanted to take a picture of the shark. but that shark had some other ideas and flipped over the kayak. >> once you're in the water
8:26 am
it's a whole different scenario. you can see that shot of that shark dangling below him. at any moment that shark could have turned around and taken out his achilles or calf. >> he got away, just a scratch on his finger. and he did get the photo he wanted in the end. >> i think a lot of people are rooting for the shark there. it is 8:25. let's check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. >> it's been one of those mornings where there's been trouble everywhere. now we're getting word of a new crash in sonoma county. north bound 101. two lanes closed there. that just reported by chp, santa rosa who i have a direct line with here. you will see delays in sonoma county. let's go out and look at some other things. san francisco, approaching the 80 split. do not use the central freeway. a central freeway is a bad call right now if you want to get to
8:27 am
the hayes valley. just be aware that octavia and oak just a big scene there and they'll be investigating a fatal crash for quite some time. let's move along and look at the 80. it's clearing up from what it was at 6:30 this morning. we do have a look at highway 87. now highway 87, you can see our live crews there. we also have a look at loma, bring up loma if you can. dave or ken -- nelson. there we go. look at that. they are working on it right now as we speak. and ktvu's tara moyarti says it didn't appear as bad as it was but they're still going to fix this sink hole. they're going to be doing some work but the traffic hasn't been add was as they thought it would be. let's go to steve.
8:28 am
we do have another big fog bank out there. but there's been breaks in the cloud. and there were plenty of 40s in marin county. we had a little decrease in the clouds there. but there's still peninsula, south bay and east bay and along most of the coast there's a big fog bank out there. it's still going to flex its muscle. 50s on the temps. we had some 40s but they've rebounded from that system up in the pacific northwest. looks like it's called an omega pattern. where everything is blocked. the highs are in the middle of country and show no signs of changing too much. for us it's going to remain in the cool side maybe out to seven and 10 days. i think there'll be some slight warming but not much.
8:29 am
50s, 60s and 70s or right about 80 degrees. but temperatures tend to lean toward the below average temperatures. low morning fog will take us into saturday. just subtle changes, highs away from the coast. time is 8:28. a rescue of a remote marin county beach. some good samaritans took action before any of the first responders arrived. we'll have new information on this still developing story. and this political dog fight over plans for dog parks in one bay area city.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
welcome back, time now 81: 8:31. we have news to tell you about the developing story. two people were rushed to the hospital. after this major crash. ktvu's jade hernandez is live on the ground there where she's found out more about the crash and who was involved, jade. >> reporter: dave we can tell you we are much closer to this accident about 35 minutes ago. police have pulled the tape about two blocks from where we were. the accident happened on octavia and oak. this accident involved a ucsf shuttle and tractor trailer. we know that one person was ejected out of the ucsf shuttle. it was a white man in his 40s. a possible ucsf employee or san francisco general employee. no word right now on how many passengers were on board that
8:33 am
shuttle when this accident occurred. chopper2 captured paramedics wheeling two of the people being wheeled into those ambulances. the usfc shuttle driver was one of those injured. we're told that those three were not seriously hurt. we spoke to lieutenant dangerfield. he gave us the latest details about this accident about 30 minutes ago. >> we had the right of way. or right now all we know is the tractor trailer was going northbound on octavia. >> reporter: this is the driver of the tractor trailer. he was not injured in the accident. still a lot of questions involving this accident which happened at about 6:22 this morning. the cause of it as you just heard, they are still investigating the crash. we can tell you the university of california police are out
8:34 am
here. they are assisting in this investigation. but san francisco police are taking the lead. we understand that this accident investigative scene will be out here for another couple of hours and will continue to bring you the latest. reporting live, jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33, overnight two shootings appear to be related. officers were called to p era lta street where they tpoubd two men lie -- they found two men lying on the street. minutes later they were called to 13th street. they found two victims there. overnight police collected evidence suggesting the two shootings are related but so far there have been no arrests. police are looking for three gunmen who held up a station mini mark. it happened last night. the store clerk said the three men got away with $600 and two cartons of cigarettes. no one was hurt. time is now 8:34.
8:35 am
a unique tattoo has become a critical piece of evidence in antioch. a 21-year-old suspect had these words no warning shots tattooed on his chest. police are holding antonio esquivel in connection with the shooting of a man back in may. esquivel got that tattoo just two weeks after that deadly shooting. and police say it was no coincidence. however esquivel is denying that tattoo has any connections with that crime. and deputys in marin city searching for a man who robbed an ice cream vendor. investigators say the 51-year- old man from vallejo was running an ice cream truck through that neighborhood. three men with semi automatic weapons robbed him of $160. then ran off. this by the way is the sixth robbery of marin city just since the middle of june. officials say most of the
8:36 am
robberies have happened at bus stops. 8:35 happening now uc students have gathered outside the uc regents meeting in san francisco. these are live pictures from the ucsf mission bay campus. uc regents are set to begin their meeting in about 35 minutes. they are expected to approve a 9.6 increase. some of the demonstrators there are dressed in costume. a federal july in san francisco has delayed the deportation of a married gay man from venezuela. 46-year-old alex vensemol's visa expired. he challenged deportation agreements because he legally
8:37 am
married his partner. but because the federal government does not recognize those unions. yesterday a judge scheduled a meeting for september 2013 delaying deportation by two years. time now 8:36. oakland's planning commission nay will have to decide the fate of two dog park proposals without getting a recommendation from the park commissioners. the newest plan is for a dog park behind children's ferry land in oakland. a 10-year-old proposal would bring build one right near the grand lake theater. supporters told the park commission the dogs need a big open space to run and to socialize. they say the area known as astropark near lake mcarthur is wide, it's flat, it gives the dogs a place to play. but critics say that would require building a fence for the area that flows from the farmers market all the way to the lake. >> there's a connected urban space there, that will be broken up with the dog park.
8:38 am
>> definitely should put one in. it would be perfect. we could come hang out at the lake and hang out with your dog at the sate time. the planning commission has now decided to be one or two or possibly no dog parks added to the city of oakland. all right, a lot of options to consider. we want to check in with sal. who's looking at a lot of situations with traffic. a lot of things to follow. >> sal, just thanks for joining us. any time. >> you had to go and dig stuff up. >> right, we were talking about the desk about one of the shots we're going to show you and whether or not it's going to be there. but we decided that it's going to be there. let's look at 101 in san francisco. the accident in octavia and oak is affecting a little bit. if you are driving to downtown and you're not getting on to the central freeway. you should be okay. but avoid the area of octavia
8:39 am
and oak. we're looking at bay bridge, that traffic is light, it's improved quite a bit. so happy to say that things were much worse but now they are better. this is the shot we're talking about, one of our photographers showing us a live look here at the sink hole that they're working on on highway 87 near west virginia near the alma exit. the engineers are standing around looking at it and trying to access how they're going to fix it. but you can see the road has sunken in quite a bit. a couple of lanes of 87 are closed. this is not a huge problem for the morning commute, but if this is somehow out there this afternoon or this evening it's going to be a big problem. so 87 northbound which is the way most people are going has not been affected. meanwhile, some people have been using other highways like 280 and 85 and those have been extra crowded. - >> let's go to steve. >> thank you. and if you're looking out the window you might say, where am
8:40 am
i in seattle or something. it'll be a slower burn off for some but already sunshine for others which has to wait a while to get that sun yesterday. low over cast but breaks in the clouds. and the drizzle was not a factor thankfully this morning. yesterday it was more light rain let's face it. not much change as we go into the weekend. light fog, breezy. slightly warmer, temperatures they are so cool they're setting records from bakersfield and also fresno down to palm springs. so you know we have to rebound here. 40s this morning on temperatures for lows under clear skies and not much wind. sebasta pool, me sra nevada to name a few. 45 to 40-degree lows. you can see how it's pulled off parts of marin. napa there's still some pats of
8:41 am
fog. our friend tom in blossom hill said the clouds gave way for a sunny morning. you can see some areas have break, some to the south do not. so the low responsible will eject out. but looks like another one will drop in to take its place to keep the beat going. low clouds give way to sun a little sooner today. more sunshine today. i promise, i promise. pinky promise, cool to mind. are you kidding me? no i'm not kidding. 79 antioch, 73 walnut creek, lafayette, arenda that's cool. 180 that's morgan hill. los gatos, 68 san mateo. foster city, morning fog, then
8:42 am
a little sea breeze means only temperatures come up a little bit. fourteen agers are now recovering after their terrifying close call on a secluded marin county beach. they were swept off into the cold waters yesterday evening. the u.s. coast guard, the california highway patrol, federal park rangers and life guards all raced to the scene. but some good samaritans hiking in the head lands were the first to take action. they came to the rescue after spotting a huge wave knocked the two girls and two boys into the ocean. >> we got down there and then the two girls were floating around, we were able to save one of them. but the other one floated off to the other side. >> the most important thing to remember about tennessee valley and the beach here is that it's not a swimmable beach. it's not a beach that we ever recommend people to use to swim in. it's very cold. there are very strong currents here and the waves are unpredistrictable. all swimmers were lifted to
8:43 am
safety. one girl is still in the hospital in walnut creek with serious injuries. time now 8:42. there's a new development in the catholic church section scandal story. some new charges of an alleged vatican cover up. and also the new list of social network no noes. what people don't want to see on facebook. what oakland police are saying about a homicide in the rock ridge neighborhood.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
let's bring you up to date to some of the story. the family of bryan stow posted a new message on the website. they are saying bryan is showing new signs of improvement. he's now opening his mouth on his own when it's time to check his temperature. he's even enjoying watching television in his hospital room. an investigation under way now after a soda bomb was found at a bus stop in marin county. it was made out of containers filled with drano or other household chemicals. this particular one was filled with rocks. and we're following the dropping news from oakland. ktvu's kraig debra says police
8:47 am
are investigating a very disturbing discovery made in the rock ridge neighborhood. >> reporter: it's located between shabough and miles. a couple of minutes ago, looked like they were getting ready to open the street. they department do that even eventually so the street is still closed. police got a call that there was a fire in the street. when they got here they found out the fire was on a body. we heard from the lieutenant just about a half hour ago. he said that the victim is a female. when i asked him about whether or not the person was killed here or some where else, that was a detail he said he didn't want to release because he said only a few people only the killer would know details like that. >> right now i don't want to talk about those details.
8:48 am
i just want a few people intimately involved to know those details. >> reporter: we haven't heard any reports of anybody missing on this street. so we don't think that anybody here has been harmed or is in danger right now. police continue their investigation. a very rare crime scene in the rock ridge neighborhood. known more for its shops. it's shopping and b.a.r.t. stations than it is for a homicide. kraig debro. time is now 4:48. police say she set her house on fire last december in order to kill herself and her disabled son.
8:49 am
he was rescued by neighbors. mcginty has been offered a plea deal. mcginty faces 20 years if she's convicted. we're getting a first look at the man police say murdered an 8-year-old brooklyn boy. the suspect right there with the hat on. levy aaron. you can see him getting out of that police car. police say they found human remains in aaron's refrigerator and in a trash bin yesterday. police believe the remains are those of a young boy who disappeared monday afternoon. detectives don't believe the suspect knew the little boy. 8:49, new this morning, ireland's minister has summoned the vatican for a meeting. the vatican secretly discouraged irish bishops from reporting child abuse to police. time is now 8:49, the pentagon is laying out it's new
8:50 am
plans for protecting its computer systems against cyber attacks. today the department is releasing a cyber security plan. they want to better detect and fend off attacks. as facebook becomes more popular so does annoying behavior that you might want to call facebook faux pas. in one new list, texties or the use of text messaging shorthand was listed as a crime. another one trolling for attention. when status updates say something like cindy just can't believe what happened. the third one, over sharing personal details and the fourth one, friending of people you've never met and never want to meet. last and not least, those
8:51 am
quizzes that beg you to find out what your so called friends think of you. jus tim timberlake now has a date request of his own, telling her to do it for her country. >> justin, you want to call up my girl mila. well i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine corp. ball with me on november 12. >> that's corporal desantis. she's the only woman corporal in the unit. she set up a facebook page saying let's get timberlake to the ball with desantis. and we learned that cunis broke her commitment to go to the
8:52 am
ball with a marine. and a man wore a strainer for his driver's license. that pasta strainer he claims is religious head gear. took him about three years to get the driver's license approved. along with going to a psychiatrist to determine if he is fit to drive. bryan wilson goes back to work after a very memorable all star break. last night bryan wilson stole the show at the red carpet during the annual espi awards in la. his famous beard, that was obvious. it was a hit. but look at his wild one piece spandex tuxedo. the host of the show,set myers
8:53 am
made bryan wilson the topic of his entrance. >> looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. did you ever get that fiddler off your roof? >> that means the national league gets homefield advantage. >> all right, a major development this morning in the trial of former baseball star roger clemons, we'll tell you what a judge is now considering. also, what is happening later this morning in the continuing investigation of a b.a.r.t. police shooting that triggered some rowdy protests. empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we?
8:54 am
chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store.
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8:56 am
we have breaking news, the judge presiding over roger clemons trial is considering whether to rule a mistrial. the judge says evidence could improperly sway the jury. attorneys say the problem could be fixed with a demand to the jury not to consider that evidence. time now 8:56. bad weather in denver, wild weather grounding planes in denver. it's a weather system that has been around there for a week. the storm stranded about a thousand passengers. planes were damaged by the hail as well. they had to be taken out of
8:57 am
service. in just a short time. b.a.r.t.'s general manager will report to the board of directors on a deadly july 3rd shooting. b.a.r.t. also says there will be zero tolerance for protesters trying to shut down service. this after a protest was held to bring attention to the hill shooting. the judge in the clemens trial has declared a mistrial because prosecutors revealed evidence he did not want the jury to see. at noontime. right now sal is coming back. the very latest on what's happening in san francisco and around the bay area. >> that's right, we're going to go to 280 first and then check in with san francisco. 280 still short. people avoiding 87 near west virginia because of a sink hole.
8:58 am
san francisco, north bound 101 okay but the area should be avoided. >> and some areas will get sun sooner than other areas. maybe just slightly warmer inland. >> i heard this described as the goldy locks weather. >> are you using your air conditioner though? >> no. >> you're saving money. >> i haven't had to water my grass every day either. that will do it for us. >> bye now.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Oakland 14, Us 13, Ktvu 11, California 9, Marin 8, Nasa 6, Ucsf 5, Esquivel 5, Harry Potter 4, Octavia 4, Obama 4, San Jose 4, U.s. 4, Antioch 4, Kraig Debro 4, Steve 3, Hayes 3, Casey Anthony 3, United States 3, Uc 3
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